1. Statement on the Lord Advocate’s reference to the Court of Appeal

    The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC has acknowledged the outcome of a reference she made to the Court of Appeal requesting them to consider a point of law concerning corroboration.

    18 Oct 2023 Statements
  2. Statement on pilot safer drug consumption facility

    The Lord Advocate has responded to a request for a focused statement of prosecution policy in relation to a pilot safer drugs consumption facility in Glasgow.  

    11 Sep 2023 Statements
  3. Lord Advocate announces review of diversion from prosecution for sexual offences

    Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC has ordered a review of how prosecutors deal with diversion from prosecution in cases of serious sexual offences such as rape. 

    14 Jul 2023 Statements
  4. Crown to appeal sentence on man convicted of rape

    The Lord Advocate has decided that the Crown should appeal the sentence imposed upon a man convicted of rape on the grounds that it is ‘unduly lenient’.

    28 Apr 2023 Statements
  5. Crown Office statement on the Park Inn Hotel shooting incident

    On 26 June 2020, Badreddin Abdalla Adam Bosh was shot and killed by officers of Police Scotland after he stabbed and seriously injured six people in the Park Inn Hotel, West George Street, Glasgow.

    06 Apr 2023 Statements
  6. Diversion from prosecution review welcomed

    The Lord Advocate has welcomed a review of diversion from prosecution in Scotland which has concluded the practice is working well and developing in a positive direction.

    21 Feb 2023 Statements
  7. Cameron House Hotel Fatal Accident Inquiry Determination

    The Crown Office welcomes the publication of the Sheriff’s determination following the FAI into the tragic deaths of Richard Dyson and Simon Midgley in a fire at Cameron House Hotel in December 2017. 

    11 Jan 2023 Statements
  8. Lord Advocate speaks at 34th Lockerbie memorial service

    The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC delivered remarks at a memorial service in the United States marking the 34th anniversary of the bombing of Pan Am 103 over Lockerbie

    22 Dec 2022 Statements
  9. Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC Offers Message of Support to Victims of Domestic Abuse

    Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC today reached out to victims of domestic abuse with a personal message of support and renewed her commitment to tackling the crime effectively.

    19 Dec 2022 Statements
  10. Lockerbie bombing: Statement from the Lord Advocate

    The Lord Advocate Dorothy Bain KC has issued a statement following developments in the investigations into the bombing of flight Pan Am 103 and the murder of 270 people on December 21, 1988.  

    12 Dec 2022 Statements